What does CQC certification do and AC DC Adapters Added China CQC Mark Certification Nov 30, 2022

CQC Certification Introduction

CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by China Quality Certification Center. It shows that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements by applying the CQC mark. The scope of certification involves mechanical equipment and electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials and more than 500 kinds of products. CQC mark certification focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, hazardous substance limit (RoHS) and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property international safety competitiveness.

CQC Certification Mark

When the certification only involves safety, the "S" certification mark is used; when the certification involves both safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the "S&E" certification mark is used.

CQC Certification Process

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: Data review;

Stage 3: Sample receipt for sample delivery;

Stage 4: Sample testing;

Stage 5: Factory inspection;

Stage 6: Conformity assessment;

Stage 7: Certificate Approval;

Stage 8: Printing, collection, delivery and management of certificates.

CQC Validity

The CQC certificate is generally valid for five years.

How Can KEYSUN Help You

KSPOWER has completed the CCC certification update for the full series of AC DC Adapter in 2020. After learning about the necessity of CQC certification, we have added a CQC certification mark to ac dc adaptor series, and the factory annual inspection has also been completed yesterday. When customers choose KS power adaptor series, there is no need for re-inspection and approve, which reduces the cost of certification; also it helps to improve the competitiveness of CQC certified products, obtain a green pass to enter the China market, and increase market share. In addition, the CQC certification report has been approved, the CQC mark will be added to the dc adapter product label, and the price will also remain same.


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