UL/IEC/EN 62368-1 Safety Standards Upgraded for ITE/AV Equipment Aug 20, 2022

To compliance with essential safety and other technical regulations or standards, KSPOWER's the popular AC/DC adapter series- full series of the output power range from 5 W to 200 W have successfully upgraded the UL/IEC/EN 62368-1(60950 and 60065) and IEC/EN 61558 safety standards for I.T.E and A.V. equipments. The whole AC to DC adapters series in desktop type, wall mount type and multiple plug type, which was listed as the best cost-performance and high reliability design products of KSPOWER. It is a stable and high quality and efficient power supply series. By providing the power supplies with the 1:1 UL certificates, KSPOWER will continue to assist customers to quickly sell the standard products to the global market, making no adjustment on the pricing.

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