New Waterproof Class 2 Junction Box LED Driver---N series Sep 20, 2022

KSPOWER has announced the availability of its new N series of LED drivers in response to the growing remand of the industrial, LED hospitality and residential applications that require phase cut dimmable LED drivers with high performance dimming range, meet Class 2 safety requirement.

The N series dimmable LED Drivers features high efficiency up to 90%, the drivers design includes 12V/24V dc output for constant voltage applications, fulfilling customer demands of different LED design and usage.

Full series LED Drivers accepts 120VAC 60Hz input voltage, adopts high-quality NEMA 3R (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) metal Aluminum enclosure with two knock-outs for easy installation, the output dimmer power range from 20 Watts to 100 Watts, PF>0.9,UL 8750 Class 2 listed.

KSPOWER developed the N series that is compatible with any standard MLV (Magnetic Low Voltage) and incandescent lighting TRIAC dimmer. Encased in a low profile metal enclosure and rated for both indoor and outdoor use, the LED drivers can work in extreme temperature and environmental conditions due to their high power conversion efficiency operation, delivering power in high power factor in the most compact shape design. For dimming function, the N series also provides three-in-one dimming and meets the latest UL8750 design requirements, allows designers to easily incorporate it into large portfolios of LED lighting applications, isolation between output and dimming cables are added to ensure the safety and reliability of usage.


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