KEYSUN Employees Birthday Party Nov 18, 2022

In order to let employees feel the warmth of Keysun family, enhance employees' recognition and sense of belonging to the company, create a warm and comfortable working atmosphere, and affirm and thank employees for their long-term hard work, Keysun held a birthday party for employees theme activities.

In order to make employees have an unforgettable birthday party, the administrative department of Keysun carefully planned and prepared fruit snacks, cakes, and thoughtfully prepared birthday gifts for birthday stars. The event site was carefully arranged to add a joyous and festive atmosphere: exquisite pastries were placed, dotted with a warm scene. Accompanied by the melodious birthday song, the birthday stars clasped their hands together, made small wishes in everyone's blessings, and blew out the candles. The partners tasted the delicious cakes and dessert drinks carefully prepared to share this wonderful time. In the midst of laughter, everyone tasted the delicious food while exchanging their work experience and experience with each other.

This event allowed employees to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea time after busy work, and at the same time deeply felt the company's care and love for employees, which enhanced employees' sense of belonging to the company and stimulated their enthusiasm for work . For a long time, Keysun has been paying attention to the life of employees, caring and caring for the growth of employees. Employees are the inexhaustible source of power for the healthy development of the company. Only when employees devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm can the company become more prosperous. In the future, Keysun will continue to uphold its original intention and continue to carry out various employee care activities to enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity.

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