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The Mid-Year Production Summary of KSPOWER Group Aug 18, 2022

At 15:30 pm on June 11, the KSPOWER's R&D, Quality and relevant production department managers held a work summary meeting for the first half of 2022.

First of all, all department made a report and summarized the semi-annual work, affirming the achievements, analyzing the deficiencies, and increasing the awareness.

In order to focus on doing one thing well - to provide customers with a competitive and reliable good power supply of KSPOWER spirit and to influence more partners, KSPOWER perfected the management control system documents of each department and the controlled workshop SOP work instructions in March, completed the workshop 7S sorting and rectification, regional division. To improve knowledge and skills, the operators such as testing, soldering, and quality inspection must be provided with necessary training.

In addition, KSPOWER has updated the organizational chart of the production department. KSPOWER factory has more than 5 years of management and quality talents in the power industry. In order to strengthen the KSPOWER culture, the selection of outstanding employees was carried out with the theme of "One Team, One Dream".

Thanks for everyone`s efforts and persistence, KSPOWRE will continuously move forward together in one direction: that is continuous efforts, active participation of all staff, continuous improvement of quality, and enhancement of customer satisfaction!

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