Class 2 PSU
The KSPOWER's CLASS 2 power supply provides the complete Class 2 power transformer solutions covering a output power ranging from 4.2 Watts to 100 Watts and beyond with output voltages and currents ranging from 4.2V DC to 48V DC, 100ma to 5000ma LED driver. The class 2 power adaptor is PC materials with IP20 rated environment protection for indoor LED lighting. The class 2 led power supplies is UL1310 safety standard designed and offers 3 years after-sale customer service and both UL/cUL, Class 2, FCC CE RoHS Listed safety certificate and compact style enclosures. The led lamp driver provides various connection types:desktop, wall mount, cord to cord three types, safety protections for short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature. The ac to dc power supply accepts various dc connector size for LED lights.
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