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What is the difference between CQC certification and CCC certification? Dec 07, 2022

CCC certification is a national compulsory product certification, CQC certification is a national voluntary product certification, also known as logo certification, CQC is the abbreviation of China Quality Certification Center, which is also the main difference between the two certifications. In addition, there are differences in certification classification and product coverage.


CCC certification is mandatory, CQC certification is voluntary


CCC certification is the abbreviation of "China Compulsory Certification", referred to as "3C" certification. 3C certification is a statutory mandatory safety certification system, and the "Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations" has a detailed description of this certification. 3C certification is a product evaluation system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations in order to protect consumers' personal health and safety, protect the environment, and maintain national security.


CQC certification is for product categories other than compulsory certification. It is a voluntary product certification project carried out by China Quality Certification Center. It is a certification system that merchants voluntarily participate in, not a legal obligation, while 3C certification is a legal obligation. This is the biggest difference between CQC certification and 3C certification. 3C certification is a compulsory certification system in China. According to my country's administrative regulations, as long as the products of the manufacturer are in the 3C certification catalog, they must apply for 3C certification in accordance with national regulations before the products can be sold in the domestic market. Otherwise, it is an illegal act. The local Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision found that fines were imposed and the goods were seized, and the enterprise was forced to suspend operations for rectification.


The voluntary product certification service carried out by CQC certification (called CQC mark certification) indicates that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, environmental protection, performance and other standards by affixing the CQC mark.


CCC certification and CQC certification are different in classification


There are also obvious differences in the classification of 3C certification and CQC certification. The 3C certification mark is divided into four categories, and the CQC certification mark is divided into nine categories.


The CCC certification marks is divided into four categories:


1. CCC+S, safety certification mark;

2. CCC+EMC, electromagnetic compatibility certification mark;

3. CCC+S&E, safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification mark;

4. CCC+F, fire certification mark.

CQC certification marks are divided into nine categories:


1. CQC+S, CQC logo certification safety certification logo;

2. CQC+EMC, CQC mark certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification mark;

3. CQC+S&E, CQC mark certification safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification mark;

4. CQC+P, CQC mark certification performance certification mark;

5. CQC+ES energy saving, CQC logo certification energy saving certification mark;

6. CQC+RoHS, RoHS certification mark;

7. Green CQC+ ecological textiles, CQC mark certification, ecological textile safety certification mark;

8. Round green CQC+ quality and environmental protection product certification certificate, CQC quality and environmental protection product certification mark;

9. Round double leaf + agricultural product certification certificate, CQC agricultural product certification mark.

CCC certification and CQC certification are different in the scope


The scope of CQC mark certification covers more than 500 products such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, and building materials. The scope of 3C mark certification covers 159 products in 22 categories listed in the Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue, including household appliances, automobiles, safety glass, wires and cables, toys and other products.


Among them, CQC (China Quality Certification Center) is designated to undertake the 3C certification of 17 categories of products within the scope of 134 categories in the CCC catalogue.


CQC certification is a voluntary certification in China. The state does not require compulsory certification. Generally, many products that are not in the 3C certification catalog can pass the CQC certification. It should be noted that in the process of 3C certification of the whole machine factory, parts must also provide CQC certification, so many parts manufacturers can only do CQC certification according to the requirements of the whole machine factory.


CCC certification and CQC certification power supplies of KEYSUN


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