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What is PWM Dimmable LED Driver? Nov 17, 2022

Pulse width modulation(PWM) dimming for an LED driver involves applying the pulse width modulation mechanism in making a LED driver dimmable. In this post, we can touch some basics about PWM dimming for the constant voltage LED driver.

KS Dimmable Driver

Dimming is the reduction in output of a lighting fixture. dimming feature is vital in LED drivers because it can save energy and power cost:

Acting as a led driver to convert input from the mains into low outputs

Acting as a led dimmer to reduce the amount of energy entering the LEDs

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

It reduces the mean power supplied by an electrical signal by splitting it into different parts. Pulse width modulation(PWM) applies the principle of rapidly switching between load and source, i.e., turning on and off.

Pulse width modulation(PWM) has its application in the following areas.

What is PWM Dimming

Pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming is adjusting the current in LED drivers using the PWM technique or mechanism. Hence the LED driver becomes dimmable.

Since every LED has an amount of current needed to get maximum output(rated current), PWM switches the current at a high frequency,  which is between 0 and the rated current. The action triggers a ratio of on-time to off-time, which regulates the LED brightness.

Another integral aspect of the pulse width modulation(PWM) signal is its frequency. The PWM frequency stipulates how fast the PWM signal completes a period, where the period is the time taken for the signal to go on and off.

PWM Frequency

Reconciling the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM signal creates the possibility of a dimmable LED driver.

In the real PWM dimming allows a broader range of PWM frequency and very wide voltage, not only 10V, but also from 3.8V to 10V.

PWM as LED Driver Output

Pulse width modulation as LED driver output happens when the PWM signal converts to a DC voltage which drives the LED current. The PWM output circuit chops the DC LED currents in a high frequency between the on and off state. Hence the human eye cannot notice the flicker resulting in a change of the LED light output.

Keysun: A Reliable Provider of PWM LED Dimming Driver

Keysun is a renowned and trusted manufacturer of dimmable LED drivers. With an increasing reputation, highly experienced workforce, and updated methods, Keysun provides the best dimmable LED drivers.

All our constant voltage dimmable LED drivers, all support PWM dimming signal.

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