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What is NEMA and NEMA Ratings? Sep 21, 2022

The acronym “NEMA” stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Founded in 1926, the NEMA formed out of the merger of the Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies and the Electrical Powers Club. During that time, electronics had just starting to become prevalent, and industry leaders noted the need for required standards to which electronics manufacturers must all adhere.

Not only did NEMA form to monitor the quality and safety of electronics products, but they also wanted create simple processes to ensure compatibility between different devices. The regulation organization also monitors conditions where moisture is an issue, such as times when electronics are outdoors, or if there are other risk factors involved.

That NEMA also rates the level of protection against deteriorating factors such as corrosion, gasket aging and construction practices that breach designated environmental conditions.

Any facility that works with electronics benefits from NEMA’s rating system and their continuing updates of those ratings as technology continually changes at a rapid pace. The importance of the cabinet enclosures is their role in preventing ingress, or entry, and egress, or escape, of substances into a device, so the rating that NEMA gives these enclosures is critical.

Take a look at some of the following ratings and see how they relate to your data center:

NEMA 1. Indoor-use enclosures that protect against dust and other airborne debris.

NEMA 2. Indoor-use enclosures that protect against liquid contaminants.

NEMA 3. Indoor-use or outdoor-use cabinets that limit personnel access to dangerous areas. This rating also addresses the protection against dust carried by the wind, falling dirt and other debris, as well as rain, sleet, snow and ice.

Now the dimmable or non dimmable led drivers of KSPOWER's N series power supplies have completed these rating and working properly to keep your led lighting safe.

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