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What are the Five styles of 12W AC DC Adaptor? Nov 29, 2022

KS Power Supply is a switching mode power adapter that converts 100-240V AC input power into DC output through transformation, rectification, filtering and voltage regulation, which is suitable for electrical appliances. KEYSUN's engineer team selects high-quality components through careful screening and testing, optimizes circuit structure and manufacturing process, and achieves higher efficiency and lower power consumption.

The dc adaptor is widely used in humidifiers, air purifiers, Water purifiers, robots, electronic refrigerators, coffee machines, LED lamps, photography lights, energy storage equipment, communication equipment, audio, drones, LCD screens, projectors, toys, cash registers, tendons Film guns, beauty instruments, massagers, digital products, security monitoring equipment and more.

12W AC DC Adaptor

The power adapter laptop features small and compact, Listed with a wiring for easy installation. The below 5 styles power supplies for customers to choose for different occasions:

●  1. Wall Plug Adapter, it have various fixed AC plug options, such as US plug export for United States, EU plug export for Europe, AU plug export for Australia, UK plug export for United Kingdom and more.

●  2. Interchangeable Plugs Adaptor, its feature universal AC input 100V-240V with different AC plugs export for global.

●  3. Desktop Power Adaptor, It provide one standard AC inlet IEC320-C8 to connect the AC plug cable of different countries.

●  4. All in one Adapters, the feature same as desktop, with fixed AC plug cable.

●  5. LED Driver Power Supply, small rectangle sizes with terminal wire.

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