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PFC what does it mean? Nov 10, 2022

PFC (Power factor correction) is a feature included in power supply boxes that reduces the amount of reactive power generated, it mean to improve power factor, and therefore power quality. It reduces the load on the electrical distribution system, increases energy efficiency and reduces electricity costs. It also decreases the likelihood of instability and failure of equipment.

Power factor is the measure of how efficiently incoming power is used in an electrical installation. Power quality is essential for efficient equipment operation, and power factor contributes to this.

In power factor correction, the power factor (represented as "k") is the ratio of true power (kwatts) divided by reactive power (kvar). The power factor value is between 0.0 and 1.00. If the power factor is above 0.8, the device is using power efficiently. A standard power supply has a power factor of 0.60-0.75, and a power supply with PFC has a power factor of 0.9-0.99.

The benefits of power factor correction:

● Savings on the electricity bill

Increased available power

Reduced installation size

Reduced voltage drops

PFC is not used solely for computer power supplies. In other industries, PFC power supply is used to reduce the reactive power produced by fluorescent and high bay lighting, arc furnaces, induction welders, and equipment that uses electrical motors. Because of this, KSPOWER has designed 5 series of power band PFC functions, which are H, L, N, E series and 120W-150W series of desktop power adapter. If you are interested in PFC power supply, welcome to contact us.

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